Sunday, February 13, 2011

" i'm tired of pleasing people" no mattr how your face is or money no evrythg.becz of that..during my period of no money i can see some of my frnd just ignre me push me away dont want to be frnd .i did not care of it actually ,i dont need frnd with that attitde...need or dont need it already regstr in my mind as frnds..i love each of my mttr shit u thrw to my face or wht...hmm only god knws wht inside my heart.

2011 life......

2011 is new starting year for me and my famly to move 4wd aftr almost 15years no business and suffrng,we take it as a big test frm god to our famly.we survivng in all aspect of thngs.pity to my fhtr n my mothr..aftr all tears and sadnss ,this year my almmghty god fullfill n hear our doa..starting of 1st month in this year i and my brothr finnly manage to form a new compny wich is calld MSA VENTURES ths compny is manngng 4 compny under week n week msa got project n trying our best to maintn the servcs.not easy guys to earn money. combine skills and little bit of businss expernce during our prevs cmpny i(mofaz) and my brothr(rahim n co) we mange to convnce people(be nice to people and client) alhamddlh evrytg goes well.
This month my fathr project also goes accrdnly to wht we plan.last 2 days we had meetg with puan *****.the meetg held at rasta ttdi for 3hours.the result was alhamddlh...:).so yestrdy morning we all wake up smillng .then i my fhtr n my brotr went to viisit my 3rd brothr at uitm sri father said to him that dont wry son.your job stdy hard dnt wry of cannt eat or wht anymore.just stdy hard and finsh it.the 3 of us went back to kl.be4 reachng kl we all stop at sungaki to see hot spring was awesme then we dscss of somtg that can be imprve and be done for our futre projct.
Today ,at 4 just now 3 of us had meeting with the contrctrs and finnlze our desgn for our offce will finsh withn 2 months time.and then at 4 we had meetg with mr giant our future staff(head of staff)for our 2nd projct..alhamdllh yaa allah thanks 4 evrythg.

p/s i happy today not becz of that.i just submt my on9 regstrn form to furthr my stdy at msu shah alam in bba interntl busnss same as my prevs corse in mmu which i had no ooprnty to finish it bcz of finncl problm. :) :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

F1 fun kart race@ sepang

shakir shukry

mmu team

KDU team

Final race

Final result
1. Christian Klien - BMW Sauber F1 Team
2. Umar Mehdi - The Otomotif College
3. Mohd Shakir Azry - Multimedia University

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

beta world

huhuh at last aku mask gak ke alam beta(degree) kat mmu ni,this is the rite time to prove it to all my frnd and famly that i can do it ,and not going to make a past mistake like in diploma world.


1st week

-aku hntr awek aku jer mask bljr,koz aku ingt famly aku x bagi sambg bljr lagi,suh kerja dulu,,,,sedih gak rr tngk kawan2 semua dah mask beta aku sorg jer x sambg..:(

but aku kena follow la wht my parent plannd for me.pas hntr awek tercinta  aku balik la kota bharu,untk berbincgg buat kali terkhr..hhuhu..

Kota bharu

Sampi jer kb aku bincg2 dgn parent aku last2 dia org kasi gak aku sambg,but kena promise bljr betul2 jgn wat cam diploma enjoy jer kerja..huhuh masa diorg ckp ok tu,aku gembira sangt2 but deep in my heart rasa sedih tu ada gak rr..koz ada la finncl problm sikit...huhuh..2 hari pas tu aku terus dtg melaka balik ,tapi kali ni naik bas,,naik bas pun naik bas la...asl dapt sambg...

2nd week

haa now is my frst clasa in beta..pergh lain siot dari diplma ,bgi yg mana bca and budak2 dip korg bljr la rajin jagn jadi cam aku kena repair2 subjct,,nanti bila mask degree leh trnsfr crdt,xlah beban sngt pale otak korg nanti bila mask degree..

first class aku cam mula2 aku mask mmu lak,dgn x kenal saper2 pakai redah jer rr,ala nanti lama2 ada la tu kawan rite..ada gak la subcjk yg aku sama kls dgn membr2 lama tu....kira ok la tu kan..k lah bye2..slmt bljr semua..all the best, n dnt forgt to pray 4 me also k..

Monday, November 19, 2007

this is the real things better read

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kita tnggu dia lame pn x per
Tp biler dia tnggu kiter???dia mrh2
Ati kate ala, adatlah ada yang mnnunggu n dtnggu

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kiter x tdo pn x pe lyn dia yg ngah bsn,
Tp biler kite bosan
Ada dia lyn kiter?
Ati kate x pe dia busy kott

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kita gdh ngan dia, kita dim je
Tp dia heboh 1 dnia
Ati kate x pe, dia tension tuu

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kita kol nak ckp ngan dia
Tp dia bg phone kat org lenn
Biler jd cm2, x pe
Ati kata, x pe, lyn je, kwn dia, kwn kiter gak

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kita bercerita dgn dia,citer ngan tunggul lg baik
Tp biler dia bercerita ngan kita
Kita dgr, sepatah2 kite ingt
Ati kata x pe syg katakn…

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kita n dia lpr
Tp kiter bg sume roti kita kat dia
Ati kata, ala jagalh ati dia, sian dia….

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kiter sanggup bg dia rest biler dia letih,
Tp biler kita letih, dia srh jugak kiter lyn dia bila dia bsn
Adil ker?
Ati kata, ala bukan selalu pun..

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kita jadi cam org giler dngr dia sakit,
Tp biler kita sakit,
Dia siap kuar ngan kwn2 dia meraikan hari kesakitan kita,
Ati kata, ala x pe, x kn dia nak berkepit ngan kita 24 jam

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kita x prnh pntingkan diri sndri
Tp dia hpokrit thp ngaban
Ati kata x per, dia mmg cm2 kene lah trima..

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kiter syg nk tngglkn dia slama2nya
Tp dia x tahu kiter berdpn dgn maut,
Wlpn kiter skt,dia kata kat kiter,sakit bese2 jer, jgn nk mngrt
Ati kata, cmnelah dia biler kiter x de, msti dia hepi

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kiter x snggp tngk dia derita
Tp dia x prnh hargai diri kiter,
Ati kata, tau x btapa kita syg kan dia????/??????

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kiter snggip tngglkn dia selaam2nya untk dia bhgia
Tp adkh dia tahu pngrbnn kiter??
Ati kata, x pe, janji dia bhgia


Biler kiter dh tngglkn dia selaam2nya
Dia dtg ziarah pusara kiterr
Dia kata
Dia mintak maaf sebab pernah mngata kiter
Dia mintak maaf sebab pernah bt kiter tnggu dia
Dia mintak maaf sebab pernah pksa kita lyn dia time bsn
Dia mintak maaf sebab pernah heboh 1 dnia slh kiter
Dia mintak maaf sebab pernah x hiraukn kol kiter
Dia mintak maaf sebab pernah x dgr luahan ati kiter
Dia mintak maaf sebab pernah bt kiter klprn sbb dia
Dia mintak maaf sebab pernah gnggu waktu rht kiter
Dia mintak maaf sebab x pernah hiraukn skt kiterr
Dia mintak maaf sebab pernah pntingkn diri dia sndri
Dia mintak maaf sebab x prnh tngk pnderitaan kiter

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kiter bt semuanya kan?
Tp dia x prnh fhm kn?


Biler kiter tngglkn dia
Dia dtg pd kiter and kata
Sorry???selepas lukakan ati kiter?

Biler kiter syg org tu
Kiter kata x pe lah
Aku dh tngglkn dunia,
Moga dia bhgia tnpa kiter..
Dan ati kiter kata
X pe lah apapun yg dia bt
Kiter ttp syg org tu…..

• X de kaitan antra yg hdp n mati
• Jgn bt2 x nmpk org yg syg kiter
• Dia syg kiter skali, dia prig bt slaa2nya pn skali jer
• Kdg2 kiter x tau dia syg sngt kat kiter, kiter tahu pn biler dia dh berada di katil pmbrgn slama2nya
• Jd hargailah stiap org yg prnh hdr dlm hdp kiter, parents, kw, teman,guru, musuh.
• Jgn diorg dh prig br kiter nk nyeal
• Kita prnh sktkan ati dia lebih 1000 kali, tp dia sekali pn x prnh bt kiter skt ati
• Rugikn lpskn org yg baik cm2 bgtu shja?
• So what u r waiting 4????
• Love all da person around u..ok???